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Band-It Jr. Smooth ID Preformed Clamps - Christmas Offer

We have a range of these ever-popular BAND-IT Preformed Clamps on offer for today only in our countdown to Christmas!
With a strong and durable design, they are guaranteed to help with any hose application plus more.

  • Durable

  • Vibrant Resistant

  • Leak Resistant

  • Sizes on offer:

    3 1/2" x 3/4" (50 per box)

    6" x 3/4" (25 per box)

    £25.00 + VAT each

    • Limited Stocks are available, so grab these Preformed Clamps before it’s too late!

    • If you have any questions or would like to place an order, feel free to call us on 0141 425 1060 or click the enquiry button below.

SKU: Preformed Clamps Christmas Offer


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**Junior Adaptors, either J00169 or J05069, must be used with C00189.

*Reid Brothers UK reserves the right to substitute material with equal or better corrosion resistance and/or mechanical specifications.

Junior Non-Smooth ID Clamps are available, however, we highly recommend using the BAND-IT Jr. Smooth ID Clamp in place of the Junior Non-Smooth ID Clamps

Don't Miss Out!

These Preformed Clamps are perfect where superior strength is required, and are easily locked with a simple lever movement to ensure your applications are secure, no hammering or crimping involved.

Having a unique buckle and a smooth ID design these preformed clamps are more likely to reduce leaks in your applications in comparison to other alternatives, also with the option to double wrap your goods to provide additional strength.

BAND-IT Jr.® Smooth ID Preformed Clamps - 3/4" Range

201 SS Part # 316 SS Part # GCS Part # Width Thickness Inside Diameter Package Quantity Package Weight
JS2129 JS4129 JS3129 3/4" / 19.1mm 0.030" / 0.76mm 3 1/2" / 88mm 50 / Box 10.8lbs / 4.9kg
JS2169 JS4169 JS3169 3/4" / 19.1mm 0.030" / 0.76mm 6" / 152mm 25 / Box 8.2lbs / 3.7kg