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Band-It C00169 Tension Tool for Stainless Steel Banding

The BAND-IT C00169 banding tool is used to tension and cut most standard types of Stainless Steel Banding.

  • Tensions over 2,400 lbs of force

  • Accepts widths from 3/16" to 3/4"

  • Attach the gripper to the band and spin the handle to create tension

  • Lightweight - 4.3Ibs

  • Epoxy coating provides protection from corrosion and oxidation

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SKU: C00169


Stainless Steel Banding Tensioner

The BAND-IT C00169 is a high-quality tool used for tensioning and cutting Stainless Steel Banding from 4.8mm to 19mm (3/16” to 3/4") width. This BAND-IT Stainless Steel Banding Tensioner is an easy to use tool that can provide tension of up to 2400lbs of force and cuts off the tail of the clamp being formed.

Lightweight, weighing just 4.3lbs this tensioner is compact enough to be easily transported around. The C00169 comes intact with a spring-loaded gripping lever, which improves ease of use, the blue powder coated finish also helps to protect this tool from rust and corrosion. This tensioning tool also comes with a spin handle retaining ring to keep parts intact.

Mostly Used For Securing:

This Band-It C00169 stainless steel banding tensioner is ideal for heavy-duty applications such as cable clamps, concrete pumps, hose clamps, transformer clamps and railway sleeper banding, to name a few.

Watch the video below for further guidance on how to apply Stainless Steel Banding while using this BAND-IT tensioning tool.


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C00169 Operating Instructions
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