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Band-it ID4002 Tape Embosser

Use to produce ID tags from stainless steel embossing tape

Use with a roll of stainless steel tape to quickly produce ID tags with 3/16" lettering size, which can attached with your choice of ties.

Includes 2 rolls of stainless steel embossing tape.

Weight: 1.166kg

Tape Embosser Tool Instructions | PDF

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ID4059 - Stainless Steel Embossing Tape

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SKU: ID4002


Band-It Stainless Steel Tape Embossing System

Reference Description Package & Quantity Weight
ID4002 Stainless Steel Tape Embossing Tool includes 2 rolls of Stainless Steel Tape Each 2.6lbs // 1.2kg
ID4059 304 Stainless Steel Tape Roll for Embossing Tool, 1/2" x 21' x 0.005" thick Each 0.2lbs // 0.09kg