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Band-It Galvanized Carbon Steel Ear-Lokt Buckle

BAND-IT galvanised carbon steel banding and buckles is used mainly in lower cost applications where corrosion resistance is not a factor.

Galvanised carbon steel band offers medium strength coupled with good corrosion resistance in mild atmosphere and the occasional fresh water

Ear-Lokt Style Buckle for medium duty applications

Can hold a single or double wrapped band configuration

Utilised in general use banding applications

SKU: Galvanized Carbon Steel Ear-Lokt Buckle


Where are these buckles generally used?

When used with the correct size stainless steel band, this buckle is used to secure cables, hoses, thermal insulation, conduits in industrial applications and sign mounting.

Anywhere else?

Due to the systems strength Band-It Stainless Steel Buckles and 201 Stainless Steel band are widely used throughout UK to secure signs on private and public roads including motorways.

Our Range

Reference Material Width Package & Quantity Weight
C35399 GCS 3/8" / 9.6mm 100per Box 0.8Lbs / 0.4kg
C35499 GCS 1/2" / 12.7mm 100per Box 2.1Lbs / 1.0kg
C35599 GCS 5/8" / 15.9mm 100per Box 2.4Lbs / 1.1kg
C35699 GCS 3/4" / 19.1mm 100per Box 3.7Lbs / 1.7kg