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Band-It C07599 Bantam Tool For Stainless Steel Banding

The Band-It Bantam Tool is used with Stainless Steel Buckles and Band to clamp items into tight spaces. The Bantam Tool is manufactured to a high quality, making it lightweight and easy to use with one hand.

  • Easy to use ratchet mechanism

  • Can adjust for one or two handed tensioning

  • Convenient in tight areas

  • Weighing just 2.5Ibs

  • Designed for easy loading and removing of material

  • Alternative Available

  • SureFast SF1208 Bantam Tool is available with the same specifications as this product. Click Here for more information.

  • SureFast is a Reid Brothers UK brand which means we can consistently deliver high quality products at competitive prices.

SKU: c07599


What is the main difference between this and the Band-It C00169 Tool?

Even though both of these tools do the same job, they are operated differently. The main difference is that the C00169 tool tensions the Stainless Steel Banding when the handle is turned on a thread, whereas the C07599 tool uses a ratchet mechanism saving space and weight.

An alternative to this tool would be SureFast SF1208 which offers superb quality at a more modest price.


The Band-It Bantam Tool is a compact, lightweight ratchet action tool with the built-in cutter that is used for applying tension quickly to the band over items. The advantage of this tool over the C00169 is that it is smaller, meaning it can be used in tighter areas. Additionally, it is lighter which makes it more portable, as it is designed for easy loading and to remove material.

The Band-It Bantam tool is covered in zinc for increased resistance to corrosion and oxidation. This tool can be used with coated or uncoated cable ties or coated band of up to 19mm wide.

Compatible Stainless Steel Banding

Band-It 201 Stainless Steel Band

SureFast Stainless Steel Band

Band-It Band with Colour


Galvanised Carbon Steel Band


Valu-Strap Plus


316 Stainless Steel Band

317L Stainless Steel Band

Monel 400 Band

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Band-It Bantam Hand Tool Operating Instructions
Band-It Bantam Hand Tool Operating Instructions

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