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Band-it A94079 Ultra-Lok Tool

The Band-It A94079 Ultra-Lok tool is used to apply Ultra-Lok Ties, Tie-Lok Ties, and Band-It Jr. Smooth ID Preformed Clamps to your application.
SKU: A94079


About The A94079 Tool

This Band-It A94079 Ultra-Lok Tool can apply 1/4" wide smooth ID Ultra-Lok Ties.

This tool is used to apply ties particularly in cable bundling, hose bundling, CV boot installation and identification tagging, to name a few. When in use, it locks the tie with the patented system and cuts off the excess band flush with the top of the buckle, increasing the loop tensile strength, so the completed buckle is smooth and not sharp, preventing any damages.

This Band-It A94079 Ultra-Lok tool has a unique, compact design and will tension clamps of up to 400lbs of loop tensile strength, emphasising that it has a strong locking force.

Product Sheets

Ultra-Lok Tool Instructions
Ultra-Lok Tool Instructions