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B95 Activator

Two-pack, flexible high-build epoxy for metal. Excellent corrosion-, wear- and impact-resistance

High build coating (150 microns), very durable and impact proof

Flexible coating moves with the surface, avoiding cracking and peeling

Low odour during application

Full-colour intensity in one coat

Can also be used on walls and skirting next to a floor coated with B95SL
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B95 Activator

B95 Flexible Epoxy is designed for application on hand tool prepared, blasted, primed or galvanised steel or floors. It offers appropriate corrosion resistance in severe industrial and coastal exposures; high humidity and moisture conditions


958402.10 - Light Grey

958407.10 - RAL 7001

Available in other colours over 200L

Product Details

For Use on: Formulation Binder Finish Coverage Touch Dry (at 20c): Recoatable(at 20c): Recoatable with: Application VOC Level Pack Sizes
New, bare or blasted metal Solvent-based Epoxy Satin 6.6m²/l. at 150 µm dry 8 hours 24 hrs 9600 Rust-O-Thane Brush, Roller, Airless 16 grams/litre 10 Litre