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Cable Drum Trailers - Adjustable Width Trailer

Our range of Adjustable Width Cable Drum Trailers is designed to cope with the ever increasing size of Cable Drums
SKU: Adjustable Width Trailer



High voltage cables are being laid underground instead of over headlines. The cables are being supplied as longer lengths, thus allowing for a reduction in the number of joints needing to be made, however, this is having a major impact on the size of the drums.

Due to the increase in width & diameter of these drums, it is becoming increasingly difficult for the standard range of cable trailers to cope, as the drums are just too wide, however, the adjustable width range of trailers ensures the trailers can be transported to site and then widened to accept the relevant drum sizes.

Our range of hydraulically adjustable trailers are available from 20,000kg to 50,000kg capacity and due to the design, the trailers can be supplied to accommodate various different drum widths on the same site.


The adjustable width section is hydraulically operated, with the controls being placed at the stationary front section of the trailer.

hydraulically operated Jacking System, elevates the trailer, to allow the sides to extend & retract

You select the width drum you are going to utilise and then insert a pin at the correct point to secure the chassis for use.

The drum drive system is attached to the main sides of the trailer and thus widens and retracts with the trailer itself.

The controls for the drum drive system and power lift units will be located at the rear of the trailer