3M Scotch Tape Kits

3M Scotch Tape, available from Reid Brothers UK, is a general purpose box sealing tape with a biaxially oriented polypropylene film. Holding many qualities, this film can resist splitting when it is exposed to rough treatment and can absorb impact shock.

  • Variation of different kits available

  • 43 micron-thick film

  • Hot Melt Solvent Free Adhesive

  • Lightweight

  • Ideal for warehouse use

SKU: 3M Scotch Tape Kits


About 3M Scotch Tape

3M Scotch Tape is a popular choice for box sealing or other packaging applications. This Scotch Tape has the ability to hold consistent pressure due to its sensitive hot melt rubber adhesive system.

The main feature of this tape is that it made with a Biaxially oriented polypropylene film. This means that the film is stretched in both machine direction and across the machine direction, which increases the strength and durability of the tape, being able to be used in flexible packaging applications.

More Information

The adhesive within the 3M Scotch Tape is specifically formulated to hold a good grip to fibreboard.

Here at Reid Brothers UK we have designed 4 different kits to suit each of your applications. Each roll with a 43 micron-thick film, the Scotch Tape is available in either a clear or buff colour, with each kit having a variable number of rolls and a H180 Tape gun to help complete your application.

Our Range

Kit Name No. of Rolls Colour Dimensions Extras
Kit No.1 12 Buff or Clear 48mm x 66m 1 x H180 Tape Gun
Kit No.2 36 Buff or Clear 48mm x 66m n/a
Kit No.3 72 Buff or Clear 48mm x 66m 1 x H180 Gun
Kit No.4 144 Buff or Clear 48mm x 66m 2 x H180 Tape Guns

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