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Cathodic protection & aesthetics in one

Sparkling aluminium finish (80% zinc, 10% alu)

Compromise between a protection and finish

For new, bare, rust-free metal or galvanised steel

Resists 340 hours of salt spray testing (DIN)

Heat-resistant up to 100°C

To handle after 3 hours (at 20°C)

Coverage: 10.5 m²/l
SKU: 1017

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A fast drying, zinc rich coating based on an epoxy ester resin. The product contains pure zinc and aluminium as pigments and provides cathodic protection

Rust-Oleum Bright Galvanizing 1017 should be used on new, bare steel, blasted steel or galvanized steel surfaces. Primarily intended for brush application on small areas or for touch-up. Can be recoated with non-saponifiable coatings. Should be used as a single coat in light industrial exposures, corrosive environments and high humidity areas.


Sparkling Aluminium

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For Use on: Formulation Binder Finish Coverage Touch Dry (at 20c): Recoatable(at 20c): Recoatable with: Application VOC Level Pack Sizes
New, bare steel, blasted steel or galvanized steel surfaces Solvent-based Epoxy ester Sparkling 11.5m²/l. at µm dry 30 Minutes - - Brush application 497 grams/litre 1 kg