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SureFast Ratchet Strap w/ J Hook (5 ton)

SureFast 5 tonne J hook ratchet straps are a popular solution when it comes to securing heavy loads for transportation.

  • 2 Part Ratchet Strap with J Hook Rings

  • 4m, 6m and 10m options

  • Weight - 5 ton

  • Width - 50mm

  • Load Capacity - 5000 daN

  • 100% Polyester

  • Powerful ratchet tensioner with double lock handle.

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About SureFast Ratchet Straps

Ratchet straps with J hooks are a widely used and incredibly popular method of securing cargo, loads and goods for transport. These 5,000kg load capacity versions are ideal for loads that require a high degree of security.

Retailers and Businesses will use ratchet straps to secure heavy cargo for shipping. They are also used in shipping containers to secure goods for long haul freight shipments.

Advantage of J-Hooks

The main advantage of J hooks is the ability to quickly and easily attach them to the rings that many vans and trucks have pre-installed.

Can ratchet straps be used for lifting?


A couple of things should be considered when using SureFast Ratchet Straps. First, they’re not lifting slings and should never be used to lift a load – only to secure it. Also, try to avoid twisting the strap or getting knots in the webbing as it could weaken the integrity of the straps structure.


Delivery Trucks

Flatbed Trailers

Moving Trucks


Heavy Machinery

Interior Van Trailers

Shipping Containers

Tow Trucks

Safety Information

Load Capacity - 5000 daN

Safety Standard - EN-12195-2, BGI-649

Temperature Range - -40C to +100C (PES and PA)

Temperature Range - Up to +80C (PP)

Not for lifting - Do not use to lift a load - Only to Secure

Knots - Don't Tie Knots in the webbing

Do not twist - Avoid Twisting of the ratchet lashing

Our Range

Reference Length Width Load Capacity Quantity
SF4305H/4mx2 4m 50mm 5000 daN 2
SF4305H/4mx6 4m 50mm 5000 daN 6
SF4305H/4mx10 4m 50mm 5000 daN 10
SF4305H/6mx2 6m 50mm 5000 daN 2
SF4305H/6mx4 6m 50mm 5000 daN 4
SF4305H/6mx10 6m 50mm 5000 daN 10
SF4305H/8mx2 8m 50mm 5000 daN 2
SF4305H/8mx6 8m 50mm 5000 daN 6
SF4305H/8mx10 8m 50mm 5000 daN 10
SF4305H/10mx2 10m 50mm 5000 daN 2
SF4305H/10mx6 10m 50mm 5000 daN 6
SF4305H/10mx10 10m 50mm 5000 daN 10

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